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21.05.2020 «Denimex Ukraine» successfully applies controlled welding for build-up of DP tool joints

We use controlled automatic welding procedures to build-up the outside diameter of worn tool joints to their original size. Instead of scrapping drill pipe with tool joint OD’s below API specification, applying the same concept as hardbanding is able to literally reconstruct the OD of tool joints back to specification, thus salvaging the premium pipe body and saving the client lots of money.

01.05.2020 Denimex Workover Solutions has completed workover of the UNB Well # 35 Sakhalinka with RDE-340K Snubbing Unit

In April 2020 PJSC OC UkrNaftoBurinnya has successfully completed workover operations in the Well #35 of the Sakhalinske Gas Field without killing the well, using the hydraulic snubbing unit of Denimex Workover Solutions LLC. The production tubing has been replaced with new gas-tight chrome-plated tubing, allowing to continue trouble-free production for at least 4 more years.
The workover operations were performed with the newest RDE-340K snubbing unit (manufactured in 2019) of 180 mt capacity. Among the advantages of the unit is the ability to work at the wellhead at a static pressure of over 5,000 PSI.
The snubbing technology has avoided the well production rate decrease, which usually occurs in the case of traditional workover with well killing, as well as to extend the interrepair interval. The workover took 13.5 days. The initial daily flow rate after the workover was 200,000 cubic meters of gas and 6.7 mt of gas condensate.

RDE-340K Snubbing Unit: