DENIMEX is an American holding of affiliated companies located in the USA and Ukraine. USA DENIMEX INC’S headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, USA –which is the heart of the global oil and gas industry. This enables us to offer our customers the most advanced technology and the newest know-hows. DENIMEX is an exclusive supplier of leading Oil and Gas equipment manufacturers of North America and Europe.

DENIMEX specializes in drilling and workover services for Oil and Gas wells in Ukraine. In addition, DENIMEX specializes in supply of the latest US, Canadian, and European equipment and technology for the drilling, production and processing in the Oil and Gas industry.

DENIMEX was established in 2005, and since then it supplied an extensive variety of premium equipment and technologies for the leading Oil and Gas companies operating in various parts of the world, including, amongst others, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Venezuela and Mexico.

Oilfield Services

for drilling and workover of oil and gas wells


distribution of drilling equipment from well-known manufacturers

Service Center

repair and maintenance of drilling equipment

Tools Availability

There are integral blade stabilizers, PDC drill bits and tri-cone bits of all sizes for drilling wells of over 6,000 mtrs deep available at the DENIMEX Base/Workshop:

Motors Qty
11 1/4" PDM Tianhe 3
9 5/8" PDM Tianhe 11
8" PDM Tianhe 15
6 3/4" PDM Tianhe 20
4 3/4" PDM Tianhe 9
4 1/8" PDM Tianhe 4
3 3/4" PDM Tianhe 3
3 1/2" PDM Tianhe 3
6 3/4" PDM BICO 8
6 1/2" PDM BICO 2
4 3/4" PDM BICO 4
Jars & Subs Qty
8" Hydraulic Jar 4
6 1/2" Hydraulic Jar 10
4 3/4" Hydraulic Jar 6
4 1/4" Hydraulic Jar 4
8" Shock Absorber 3
9 1/2" Shock Absorber 4
MWD Equipment Qty
COMPASS MWD 1 7/8" Mud-pulse telemetry system 3
COMPASS Slim Hole MWD 1 3/8" Mud-pulse telemetry system 2
8" NMDC 9
6 3/4" NMDC 5
6 1/2" NMDC 4
4 3/4" NMDC 5
3 7/8" NMDC 6
3 1/2" NMDC 6


It is convenient to work with DENIMEX, because we are open to new challenges and we always meet the requirements of our customers and partners. We have specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of drilling and workover of wells. During 14 years of work we have gained impeccable reputation, as evidenced by the feedback and recommendations of our customers and partners. At DENIMEX, we clearly plan our time and meet project deadlines.

We are chosen because:

We carry out

direct deliveries of equipment from global manufacturers

We use

equipment directly in partnership with manufacturers and with their technical support

We guarantee

cost effectiveness, quality and favorable delivery terms to our customers, because we have signed contracts for the supply of products directly with the largest manufacturers

We offer

highly qualified engineering support, since all engineers have passed professional training and are certified by manufacturing companies

We improve

the existing certified laboratory for repair, testing and calibration of COMPASS DIRECTIONAL GUIDANCE INC telemetry equipment

We demonstrate

the largest number of tools in Ukraine among competitors made in 2017-2020

We actively introduce

innovations that help us reduce work cycle and keep high and steady quality

We increase

the qualification level of the company's management and introduce modern sales management technologies


We are ready to meet demands of our partners and able to process orders according to individual technical specifications. Our skilled technologists develop work programs and select equipment on their own. All you have to do is set a task and then agree on solutions we suggest. That is convenient.


Our experts have been working in the oil&gas industry for over 20 years. Using our invaluable experience and knowledge, we can offer each customer a flexible approach and an individual solution for the set objectives, delivering a project of any caliber and complexity level. We keep sincere, open and transparent relations with all business parties: customers, partners and employees.


Our approach to business is first of all consistence, expedience and process solutions. Positive feedback from our customers and partners is the proof.


We strive of being well organized and to follow procedures, but also we know and understand what 'pressing deadlines' are.