Non-destructive testing (NDT) of drilling equipment and tubulars inspection.

Since autumn 2019, our company has launched the service of non-destructive testing of drilling tools and drilling equipment according to the DS-1, API, EN and DSTU standards.
Together with DJ Tubular Service Pte, using the equipment and tools of this company, we provide the following testing services (non-destructive testing):

Complex testing of the drilling tool according to the international industry standards DS-1 (Drill Stem), API 7 RP-2 (American Petroleum Institute Inspection Practice Recommendations) and Ukrainian industry standards.

The Following testing methods are included in this service:

  • Visual Tube (testing of the visible part of the drill pipe)
  • OD Gauge (measuring of the outside diameter of the drill pipe)
  • UT Wall Thickness (ultrasonic testing of the thickness of the drill pipe wall by non-destructive method)
  • EMI - Electromagnetic Inspection Tube Body (electromagnetic testing of the drill pipe)
  • MPI Inspection End Areas/Connections (testing of joints and drill pipe ends with magnetic powder)
Acceptance inspection of casing and tubing.
  • Mill Surveillance: We monitor and ensure that the pipe mill is conforming to API and/or customer specifications during the manufacturing process of the client’s order.
  • Workshop/Threading Surveillance: We ensure that the machine shop is in compliance with threading specifications required by API, TH Hill, etc. and the customer.
  • Witness Inspection: We ensure that when a customer’s material is manufactured, tested, transported or delivered, such items conform to the specifications and scope outlined by the customer. Damage or non-compliance would be reported.

Presentations:    Inspection (NDT) (Eng) + ­ˇ˝ (Rus)