Live Wells Workover (Snubbing)


In the era of technological progress, DENIMEX strives to remain a leader, and provides customers with a service that today is one of the most advanced in the field of under-pressure workover.

Snubbing is considered a high-tech method of well workover. This technology minimizes the negative effects on hydrocarbon formations, which are usually caused by well killing in traditional workovers.

Advantages of the snubbing technologies:

  • no need to kill a well, thus the impact on a productive zone is reduced;

  • fast rig up;

  • favorable balance between the unit capacity and its size;

  • portability required on offshore platforms;

  • underbalanced jobs, i.e. operations at reduced downhole pressures under constant fluid influx.

For snubbing workover operations, DENIMEX utilizes RDE-340 snubbing/workover unit of 160 mt pull capacity produced by RDE (USA) in 2020. Our equipment is certified in Ukraine, and all technical staff involved in rig operations have obtained all the necessary training at the manufacturer’s premise, and possess the appropriate certificates, licenses and permits for performing hazardous operations.


The snubbing unit is equipped with 10,000 PSI blowout preventers of B.O.P PRODUCTS LLC (USA), ensuring complete blowout safety during workover operations. The unit control system guarantees a high safety level for works under pressure (including reliable well control). The unit is equipped with two power sources: hydraulic pumps and hydropneumatic accumulators.


DENIMEX’s engineering and technical staff are IWCF certified (INTERNATIONAL WELL CONTROL FORUM).