DENIMEX is an American holding of affiliated companies located in the USA and Ukraine, in particular such as: Denimex Ukraine LLC, Denimex Workover Solutions LLC, Denimex Geo LLC, Inter Trading Group LLC. USA DENIMEX INC’S headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, USA –which is the heart of the global oil and gas industry. This enables us to offer our customers the most advanced technology and the newest know-hows. DENIMEX is an exclusive supplier of leading Oil and Gas equipment manufacturers of North America and Europe.


DENIMEX specializes in drilling and workover services for Oil and Gas wells in Ukraine. In addition, DENIMEX specializes in supply of the latest US, Canadian, and European equipment and technology for the drilling, production and processing in the Oil and Gas industry.


DENIMEX was established in 2005, and since then it supplied an extensive variety of premium equipment and technologies for the leading Oil and Gas companies operating in various parts of the world, including, amongst others, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan and Mexico.


Being an official distributor, DENIMEX supplies equipment directly from manufacturers under their highest quality standards and warranties. DENIMEX provides the complete supply chain solution: from selection of equipment according to the customer’s requirements, engineering and design, special modifications, deliveries and logistics to a local start up, training and after sales service and support.


Furthermore, DENIMEX offers a wide range of equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as implementation of new technology for operational excellence.

DENIMEX operates offices in Houston, Kyiv and Poltava, as well as production and repair facility in Dykanka, Poltava Region, Ukraine.

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