Repair and Maintenance Workshop.

The pride of our company is a new workshop: repair and maintenance facility located in Dykanka, Poltava Region.

Due to the modern equipment in our workshop we are able to ensure quality maintenance and repairs of our equipment.

Since the workshop launch, we have provided maintenance and repair services to other customers, local operators and service companies.
For this, we successfully use our own breakout unit, hydraulic jars tester, PDM power sections tester and thread cutting lathe.

Breakout Unit

Hydraulic stand for assembling and disassembling of drilling tools CZJ400II produced by Tianhe Oil Group, designed for make-up and break out of threaded connections of positive displacement motors, drilling and fishing jars, liner hangers of casing and other downhole equipment. This unit is equipped with a monitoring system for screwing threaded connections with recommended torques, as well as with ability to record torque values and transfer soft copies of the records to customer.

Technical Specifications

Model Product Code Motor Power (KW) Clamp Pipe Dia. Ramge (mm) Max. Makeup Torque (KN*m) Max. Breakout Torque (KN*m) Pipe Dia. For Quick Makeup / Breakout Unit (mm) Motor Speed (rpm) Max/ Working Pressure (MPa) Quick Makeup / Breakout Unit Torque (KN*m) Max. Tons For Push/Pull Cylinder (KN) Stroke For Push/Pull Cylinder (mm)
CZJ400IS E12210000 15 73-390 10-11 16 102-390 1460 12 1.5-3 130 1500

Jar Tester

SYJ150 Jar tester for drilling and fishing jars is produced by Tianhe Oil Group. It is used for the testing of hydraulic jars (drilling and fishing jars), etc. The stand is equipped with a EZTEK (UK) test recorder for storing load test data, with a USB Flash download option.

Model Product Code Motor Power (KW) Motor Speed (rpm) Max. Pressure (MPa) Max. Work Pressure (MPa) Oil Tank Capicity (L) Max Push (T) Max Pull (T) Test Tool Length Range (m)
SY J150 E31100000 15 1460 31.5 20 400 150 130 1-11

PDM Power Sections Tester

Tester of PDM power sections is used for the checking of hydrodynamic properties of downhole motor power sections to comply with the technological specification stated by manufacturer in the factory certificate, allowing us to verify the equipment quality.

Product Code Main Motor Power Hydraulic Pump Motor Power Motor Speed Application Dia/ Range Max. Torque Working Pressue Of Water System Max. Working Pressure of Hydraulic System
E41210000 75 KW 11 40 rpm  89-290 1500 N*m 8 MPa 20 MPa

Special oiler pump is used for partial or complete refilling of hydraulic parts of PDM upon maintenance.

Lathe Machine

Lathe machine. This machine repairs connecting threads of a drill pipe, drill collars, downhole tools and BHA. The machine is equipped with all appropriate accessories and auxiliary tools (thread gauges, cutters, holders). All turner and milling work is carried out by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience.

Specifications 1983 1983
Main Parameters    

Accuracy as per GOST 8-82

Diameter of the processed pipe, m 70..260 299
Length of the processed pipe, mm 6000  
Max diameter of the workpiece above the frame, mm 830 800
Max diameter of the workpiece above the support, mm   450
Center-to-center distance, mm   1000, 2000,
3000, 4000

Center height, mm

Max length of turning without taper bar, mm 800 1000, 2000,
3000, 4000
Max length of turning with taper bar, mm 420 500
Length of the taper bar, mm 660  
Max weight of workpiece at the centers, kg   5000
Max weight of workpiece fitted in chuck, kg   2000

Max turn angle of the toolslide, degree

±90 ±90
Dial scale increment, mm 0,05 0,05

Equipment preparation and inspection area

Additionally, the workshop has a pre-service equipment preparation area. Equipment, returned from a wellsite, is cleaned and washed there, as well as all parts of downhole equipment are geting inspected.
All drilling equipment maintenance and repair operations are carried out by certified and trained specialists.

Hardbanding Unit

The Hardbanding Unit, currently installed next to the workshop, is self-contained system: it can be used both at the workshop and in the field. The unit can be set up as one integral element or disassembled into two parts for easy transportation. All unit elements have been developed by DJ Tubular Service experts in the USA, who have been working all over the world for more than 20 years.

Cutting Mills Redress Area

The company is also developing the redress service of mills of different diameters and designs, using, in particular, tungsten carbide alloys of Dynalloy DynaRod USA with different fractions of tungsten carbide inserts.

Laboratory for maintenance, calibration and repair of MWD /LWD equipment

At the premises of our production workshop, in cooperation with COMPASS DIRECTIONAL GUIDANCE, our company established the first and only officially certified laboratory for repair, testing and calibration of telemetry equipment. Our technical staff in charge of the repair and maintenance of telemetry equipment has been trained and certified at the COMPASS DIRECTIONAL GUIDANCE production facility in Texas, USA.