DENIMEX has fabricated a high quality 4-1/2" Junk Mill with Dynalloy materials

  • 14.09.2020 15:59:40

DENIMEX has fabricated a high quality 4-1/2

 The experimental junk mill was fabricated at the Denimex Repair & Maintenance Workshop, using advanced technologies and materials of Dynalloy Industries Inc., USA:

  • Cutter inserts - DYNACUT, 3/8 Round X 1/2 THK, Flat Top, Straight Sides.
  • Composite rod - DynaCut Rod, 1/4 Piranha Insert.

This junk mill was later used in one of the wells in Poltava region for milling out of a metal junk (see the photos of the newly made tool above and and after use - below).

Main operation parameters:

      a) Axial load - 2.800 - 3.620 mt.

      b) RPM - 40/60.

      c) Footage per run - 77'.

      d) Downhole operating time - 53 hours.

      e) Wearout after POOH - 20%.