Hardbanding Technique

  • 11.06.2021 10:32:39

Hardbanding Technique

A new drill pipe high prices push to the searching for and implementation of new techniques for the repair thereof. Normally, the most intensive wear-and-tear affects the tools joints of drill pipe – pins and boxes. A critical wearout factor is the reduction of tool joint diameter by 10-12%.

Hardbanding, applied by bands on the tool joints, takes the main load on abrasive wear while drilling, thereby sacrificing itself and protecting the expensive tool from damage. Hardbanding withstands abrasive wear much more effectively, and due to the lower friction coefficient also reduces torque while drilling. Besides, the microstructure of the metal that is used to apply has less abrasive effect on the casing. Worn hardbanding can be restored easily by applying hardface bands again whereas in contrast the unprotected drilling tool wears out in diameter and will have to be rejected.

DENIMEX offers services of hardbanding and inspection (non-destructive testing) to protect drilling tools.

DENIMEX experts and its hardbanding unit are certified for hardbanding process with various materials. The main materials we use are Dj CR2000 and Duraband.

We remind that the hardbanding services were launched by DENIMEX together with DJ Tubular Service Pte in autumn 2019.