NDT: Confidence in tools’ integrity is the key to success in operation

  • 30.11.2020 16:07:51

NDT: Confidence in tools integrity is the key to success in operation

 Timely tools NDT inspection and detection of their defects prevent numerous accidents, allow customers to avoid undesirable losses and add confidence in that operations are performed in accordance with a clearly defined plan.

The Inspection Lab of Denimex Ukraine offers a full range of non-destructive testing of drilling equipment at customers’ premises, as well as at a wellsite with the following methods:

  • Visual Tube (testing of the visible part of the drill pipe);
  • OD Gauge (measuring of the outside diameter of the drill pipe);
  • UT Wall Thickness (ultrasonic testing of the thickness of the drill pipe wall by non-destructive method);
  • EMI - Electromagnetic Inspection Tube Body (electromagnetic testing of the drill pipe);
  • MPI Inspection End Areas/Connections (testing of joints and drill pipe ends with magnetic powder).

We carry out all NDT operations in accordance with international industry standards: DS-1 (Drill Stem), API 7 RP-2 and Ukrainian Industry Standards (DSTU).